Jewellery Care


Store your Harper & Rose jewels out in the open on a stand, as storing items inside the box can cause the metal to dull.

Wearing your jewels frequently also wards off tarnishing, so we encourage regular wear!

Store jewellery in cool, dry places and avoid rooms with excess condensation as this can damage delicate gemstones and cause precious metals to discolour, tarnish and erode.

To help prevent oxidisation, store silver jewellery in an air-tight plastic bag. 

Keep each item separate to prevent scratching.

Never spray perfume, hairspray or any other solvent on your jewellery.

To prevent harsh chemicals damaging your jewellery, we advise you to apply cosmetic products prior to putting on the piece.

Silver is a soft metal by nature so treat your jewels delicately and do not wear to bed.

We recommend removing jewellery when participating in any physical or labour intensive activities.

Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine can damage, discolour or erode precious metals and gemstones, therefore jewellery should be removed when bathing and swimming.



 In order to keep the original brilliance of your jewellery, we recommend using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth after each wear to remove any make up or natural skin oils. 

We advise against using abrasive cleaners on jewellery and using rough paper tissues to clean precious metals as this can scratch the metal.

Jewellery containing gemstones are more fragile, so please take extra care when cleaning.

If you are unsure on how to clean a piece of jewellery, please contact a local jeweller for professional advice.


Sterling Silver

Wearing your jewellery is a key way of contributing to the longevity as it prevents the piece from tarnishing.

Use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth to maintain the metals lustre and shine.

We advise against using commercial silver polishes as this can cause damage to the gemstones, however we recommend consulting a professional for advice on using specialist silver polish.

To preserve the shine, we recommend cleaning your jewellery in warm soapy water and pat dry with a lint free polishing cloth. Pieces must be rinsed thoroughly and dried well.